I am here

And I am starting my Blog. Finally, it happens!I have been writing before, and I see how shallow and uneducated were my perceptions. Now, I am still learning, but I understand what is what, who I am, and how to be happy and whole.If you are like-minded energy or would like to learn from my... Continue Reading →

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Have you got a plan?

Have you got a plan for lockdown or you just browsing around your house, playing games, watching YouTube and Facebook all days?Now, get yourself to your desk, take a piece of paper or a diary and start to plan your days.Set up an out of bed time in the morning. If you are sleeping too... Continue Reading →

Destiny is a trap

The more mindfully we live, the more creative, imaginative and fulfilling our lives become. Believing in fate or destiny can be a trap, since it is encourages us to limit ourselves to more confining definitions of what we think possible. - quote by Cynthia Sue Larson

Your spirit guides are talking to you.

Since I started to practice spirituality and mindfulness, I discovered that my spirit guides are willing to show up. Many people are very skeptical about spirit guides and angels. They have all rights to be suspicious. They may say: "Why can't I feel or see anything? If so, it is not true." Of course, it... Continue Reading →

How to stay sane in this dark time?

What should we do these time when the crowd got insane over virus? I have got amazing tips for you.  Stay sensible and humble. If people on the edge they are losing their sense of humanity. Otherwise, how can you explain a man and woman fighting over a toilet paper? Please, for your good, stay... Continue Reading →

Inhale the prana, exhale the darkness.

If someone told you that there are some rules that you should follow when meditating, please don't take this advice too seriously. I know myself, there are no rules. Meditations a private business and you can do it any time, and everywhere you like. Why do you need to meditate? First, meditations are natural stress... Continue Reading →

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